OctonX™ Newsletter #4

OctonX Newsletter #4

Save the date: Capability Development exploratory meeting on 1th June 2022

The most difficult time with Corona is behind us. They say that the virus will stay among us, and we should learn to live with it. Unfortunately, there was a disturbance in Aviation maintenance activity due to Corona. Many experienced engineers from our great avionics and mechanical workshops retired or left to work somewhere else. Together with them a lot of knowledge was lost. We are talking about obsolescence of people. It is evident that new generation engineers need some guidance and knowledge to be able to fully replace old and experienced engineers to be able to develop efficiently new capabilities for their workshops. OctonX, the European affiliate of SAE ITC is planning to launch the working group with ultimate target to produce a document (guidance material or a standard) which will help engineers to develop the new capabilities for their workshops. If this looks attractive for you, please contact me and I can make you part of that working group.

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Not only that you will be part of it, but you will also become the expert in capability development.

Here is the short video about capability development:


Would it be wonderful to have a solid guidance material (procedure/standard) for capability development? If your answer is YES, please let us know.  

To progress the event preparation, can you please sign in for the exploratory meeting and return the following information to e-mail: marijan.jozic@octonx.org


Yes! I want to attend!







Deadline: 16th May 2022.


After that date the invitation for the Team meeting will be send to your email address.

In a view of above OctonX (and SAE ITC affiliate) is organizing the exploratory meeting. The goal is to explore if there is enough Interest to work together and establish such Guidance document. 

As someone specifically identified as a potential attendee and contributor, this brief email invites you to confirm your attendance at the OctonX (SAE ITC) event on 1th June 2022.

The Exploratory Event will run from 14:00 hrs Central European Time for approx. 2 hours.


To better manage organisation of this event, we would prefer to limit attendee numbers to some extent. Therefore, if you wish to add any colleagues from your organisation who have not already been invited, please send your request directly to me and we will work to accommodate such requests.

Also, if you are not expert in this matter, please forward this mail to your fellow engineer who can apply for the exploratory meeting.

The 2 hours exploratory meeting might change the aviation world and set the new trend. And you can be part of it.



Marijan Jozic

Director European Operation

e: marijan.jozic@octonx.org

m: +


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