OctonX™ Newsletter #3

OctonX™ Newsletter #3

 Save the date: Materials Equivalency Exploratory Meeting 1 December 2021

The lack of guidance leads to unnecessary multiple-procurement and stocking of equivalent materials, processes, and parts (MPP) in maintenance facilities. Operators and repair stations want to reduce costs, but at the same time ensuring that the quality of the repair process is not compromised.

ARINC Report 670: Guidance for Materials, Processes, and Part Equivalencies examines the various needs of the industry and provides guidance for the selection of equivalent MPP including the substantiation required to satisfy regulatory authorities. This ARINC Standard provides clear definitions for materials, processes, parts, substantiation requirements, decision boundaries/limitations, and a standard process for equivalency determination.

ARINC Report 670 is intended as general guidance for avionics maintenance facilities; however, this does not preclude its use for other sectors of aircraft maintenance as appropriate.

In the last few years, it became evident that aircraft component shops and MRO’s need a database of materials prescribed and possible equivalences for use for certain purpose. Especially now during difficult times in aviation, it would be wise to join forces and establish such a materials equivalency database which could be beneficial for all users.

OctonX, an SAE ITC affiliate, will be able to maintain the database and make it available for the aviation industry to allow engineers to do their job much more efficiently. OctonX is organizing an exploratory meeting. The goal is to investigate if there is enough interest to work together and establish a database for materials equivalency. 

This brief newsletter invites you to confirm your attendance at the OctonX (SAE ITC) Event on 1 December 2021. 

The Event will start at 14:00 hrs Central European Time for approx. 2 hours.

In order to prepare for the meeting, please prepare an email with the following information and return it to: marijan.jozic@octonx.org

Yes! I want to attend the Materials Equivalency Exploratory Meeting to be held 1 December 2021!


Deadline: 15th November 2021.

After that date the invitation for the Team meeting will be send to your email address.


In order to better manage organization of this event, there is limited seating. Therefore, if you wish to add any colleagues from your organization who have not already been invited, please send your request directly to me and we will work to accommodate such requests.  Also, if you are not expert in this matter, please forward this mail to your fellow chemical engineer who can apply for the exploratory meeting.

The 2 hours exploratory meeting might change the aviation world and set the new trend.

And you can be part of it.


Marijan Jozic

Director European Operation

e: marijan.jozic@octonx.org

m: +

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