OctonX™ Newsletter #2

OctonX™ Newsletter #2


We believe in collaboration and want to make positive progress in a challenging world. That is what we communicated in the Newsletter #1. That is of course still valid. Newsletter #2 is about some initiatives OctonXTM is starting. Although OctonX is not strictly dedicated to the aerospace, we might say that we are in takeoff mode. Some (outside aerospace) might say OctonX is positioning itself in the big and challenging world.

Many of you already noticed that SAE ITC® just changed the website. The new fresh site is different, modern. There are some new features, and the layout is changed to reflect our activities in full glory. It has been almost five years since the last update. It is time for a fresh new look.

One of items that we want to emphasize is called the Information Center. Check the menu bar at the SAE ITC main page or use this link: https://www.sae-itc.com/information. When you enter the Information Center, you will enter to a page full of links to various websites. We call it “OctonX Information Center” and the purpose of it is to bring you interesting links to pages dealing with engineering subjects. As you know there are millions of sites and sometimes it is difficult to navigate through the forest of those web pages. Therefore, we are constantly selecting the sites which are interesting for engineers. It will be a combination of Aerospace, Space, Automotive, OEM’s, Authorities, Universities, Agencies, Institute, and many Engineering activities. We want to make a place on the web that engineers will visit every day just to learn something new and interesting. Therefore, we are also planning to refresh it often. You can also use the filters to easily search by topic or region!

Here is an immediate request for you as a reader, user, engineer, and expert. If you know an interesting site and you are convinced that your peer engineers would like it, just send an e-mail to: info@sae-itc.org with the subject line: Info center request! We will publish as many useful links as quickly as we can. This is how you can make engineers happy.

We want to make the OctonX Information Center your gateway to the world of engineering.

Of course, do not hesitate to navigate through the SAE ITC site. There is an abundance of useful information especially for you. Check, for example the main page, and see for yourself how many SAE ITC programs we are running. You might decide to become part of it and contribute with your engineering knowledge. Remember People do make the difference. Therefore, stay connected and stay informed. SAE ITC is on the first line of technology development. You can be part of it if you join one of our programs.

For more information and to become a part of the OctonX initiatives, please contact Marijan Jozic at Marijan.Jozic@sae-itc.org

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