IAMTS Newsletter #1-2022: Working on continuous improvement

IAMTS Newsletter #1-2022

By Marijan Jozic

The International Alliance for Mobility Testing and Standardization (IAMTS) is one of the most interesting consortia of SAE ITC. Let me explain what it is all about. The world of automotive transportation is changing. The time when we were able to do every repair of the car at home is gone. The automotive industry is currently going through the largest transition phase since the invention of the car. The development is driven by digitalization and electrification. In the aviation industry we used to say that the airplane is a flying computer, for cars we can say that cars are driving computers. The car manufacturers are producing new models almost every year and millions of those cars are driving around. All models are constantly evolving. There are constant software and hardware changes to improve the cars and make them perform better. There is a natural need to keep an eye on one very important challenge: The highest level of safety must be guaranteed on the roads. Car manufacturers are doing a great job about it but there is obviously a need for some standardization. IAMTS provides the neutral platform to fix the industry need for regulations and standardization at least for testing and harmonization on a global level. So, if somebody asks why IAMTS exists? That’s why!



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