IAMTS Symposium Session 2

Recorded on July 21/22, 2021 this is Session 2 of the 2021 IAMTS Symposium as hosted by IAMTS Strategic and Founding Member CATARC.  Speakers include Alexander Kraus, SVP of Mobility at TÜV SÜD, and IAMTS Executive Committee Chair; Zhixin Wu, VP of CATARC and IAMTS Executive Committee Co-Chair; Georg List, VP of Strategy at AVL List GmbH and IAMTS Technical Leadership Committee Chair; Bolin Zhou, CATARC; Chongming Zhao, TÜV SÜD; Dr. Huei Peng, Director of Mcity; Prof. Dr. Daniel Watzenig, Automated Driving, Technical University Graz; Jost Bernasch, Managing Director, Virtual Vehicle; Dr. Rahul Razdan, Senior Director and Head of the Advanced Mobility Institute, Florida Polytechnic University; Prof. Dr. Yin Hullin, Chair of Reliability and Safety of Technical Systems, Tongji University; and Charlie Cheng, IAMTS.