IAMTS Symposium Session 1


Recorded on July 20, 2021 this is Session 1 of the 2021 IAMTS Symposium.  Speakers include Alexander Kraus, SVP of Mobility at TÜV SÜD, and IAMTS Executive Committee Chair; Georg List, VP of Strategy at AVL List GmbH and IAMTS Technical Leadership Committee Chair; Philip Schreiner, Managing Director of The Autonomous; Barnaby Simkin, Nvidia; Manuel Rubow, Tilke; Alexander Schwab, TÜV SÜD; Carla Bailo, President and CEO of Center of Automotive Research; Dr. Joachim Taiber, CTO International Transportation Innovation Center; Prof. Dr. Robert Shorten, Chair of the Board of Directors Future Mobility Campus Ireland and Professor of Cyberphysical Systems at the Dyson School of Engineering at Imperial College of London.