IAMTS Europe Community Event for ICCVE

IAMTS Europe Community Event for ICCVE

IEEE ICCVE is proposed as a lead event to promote the dialogue between academia, industry and regulators with respect to the connectivity between automated and electrified vehicles and infrastructure. Industry innovations, results of academic research and new policy frameworks and standard developments are being discussed in context to inspire new product and process developments.


IEEE ICCVE support location Montabaur, Germany (timezone: Central European Time)


March 8, 2022


08:30 Welcome from General Co-Chair, welcome from Mayor of Montabaur

09:00 Presentation Nils Katzorke, Mercedes - cyberphysical testing of CAV's

09:45 Presentation Hendrik Kramer, Fernride - teleoperation of CAV's

10:30 Network break

11:00 Presentation Richard Goebelt, TUEV Verband - assuring regulatory compliance of CAV's during their operational lifetime

11:45 Lunch break

13:45 Presentation Dr. Tobias Dueser, AVL - correlation of virtual and physical testing

14:30 Start of Live connection to US main event 

15:15 Keynote Claudia Braun, Audi – the challenges for L3/L4 certification from an OEM perspective

15:45 Discussion with experts from US event (via live connection)

16:15 – 22:30 Option to engage in Academic and Industry Sessions through live  connection (food and beverages will be served in the evening hours)

Session Info: March 8 - 9, 2022
Format: Hybrid
Location: Montabaur, Germany